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David DePape – Is There More to the David DePape Case?

David Depape has come under the QAnon attack. His name is being used by conspiracy theorists as a target for attacks on a variety of politicians. However, Depape’s history of assault, attempted kidnapping, and even an assault on the Senate floor has led many to wonder if there is more to the story.

QAnon-Pizzagate trutherism

If you haven’t been following the story of David DePape, it’s time to get up to speed. The 29-year-old is being accused of assaulting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. During a court hearing on October 28, DePape pleaded not guilty to the charge. However, prosecutors are currently building their case against him.

In the wake of Gamergate, which sparked a massive right-wing backlash, DePape quickly became convinced of the power of conspiracy theories. According to the New York Times, DePape’s social media presence paints a disturbing picture. Among other things, he links the Illuminati, the “shadow government,” and Big Tech. Those ideas have led to a number of violent incidents.

DePape also posted on his blog, “”, which contains hundreds of bizarre posts. Many of them deal with the QAnon conspiracy theory. Other conspiracies included a claim that Hilary Clinton was a zombie, and a link to a magical fairy friend. He even linked UFOs and the Illuminati.

While the evidence against DePape remains largely unconfirmed, it’s clear that he’s a deeply troubled man. His mental health was exacerbated by the use of drugs. And he spent hours each day online, where he’d post a range of far-right conspiracy theories.

As a result of his online behavior, he has been labelled a far-right extremist. However, his ideology is not a direct threat to the United States. Instead, it’s a reflection of his psychotic illness. This could explain why his attorneys are considering a defense based on his vulnerability to misinformation.

DePape has also posted on QAnon. His posts include claims that the 2020 election will be rigged, and that Covid-19 vaccines are poison. These conspiracy theories have been associated with a range of far-right ideologies, including antisemitism and trans rights.

One of the most disturbing aspects of his online activity is his connection to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Specifically, his posts have connected the dark cabal to prominent figures in the political world. Some of the posts have been shared by high-profile Republican figures, including Trump.

In addition to his posts, DePape has also posted on Facebook. The social network has since removed his account. But not before he had been able to post hundreds of bizarre and often inflammatory posts.

QAnon-Pizzagate assault

David DePape, 42, was charged with assaulting Paul Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, on October 28, 2018. He was also charged with six state felonies. A spokesperson for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office said that the attack was politically motivated.

DePape is a Canadian citizen living in California. According to immigration and customs enforcement, he was in the United States illegally. His alleged actions were attributed to an obsession with conspiracy theories. In addition to being a conspiracy theorist, DePape has been accused of making racist and sexist posts online.

DePape’s Facebook page and blog were taken down by the social media site on Friday. The content he published was linked to QAnon conspiracy theories. Those who subscribe to the QAnon theory believe that the Trump administration has been at war with Satan. They claim that the President and other top officials are part of a dark cabal that is attempting to take control of America.

Prosecutors are sifting through DePape’s online writings. He wrote about the 2020 election, claiming that it was rigged. And he posted a video about the QAnon conspiracy. Another video linked to the conspiracy theory claimed that the LGBTQ+ community is the “epicentre” of child grooming.

DePape’s former employer spoke to the Los Angeles Times in November, saying that he was “enlightened by QAnon conspiracy theories.” QAnon is a conspiracy theory that the United States is under attack by a shadowy cabal. Some believe the conspiracy is connected to Wayfair, which reportedly sells children as expensive furniture.

DePape has been linked to a variety of conspiracy theories, including Pizzagate and Gamergate. His posts also contained a wide range of delusional thoughts. At one point, he said that “Big Tech” was responsible for his attacks. QAnon adherents also have a hatred for politicians. Despite his delusions, he has defended President Trump.

DePape was born in Canada. He grew up in a family with a troubled childhood. While he had been isolated for a long time, his son Nebosvod Gonzalez recently talked publicly about his father’s political views.

QAnon-Pizzagate attempted kidnapping

It’s been eight years since a 42-year-old Canadian citizen named David DePape attacked then-Speaker of the House Paul Pelosi with a hammer. Now, police have charged him with kidnapping, assault and other state and federal crimes.

According to prosecutors, DePape tried to take Speaker Pelosi and her husband hostage. He also allegedly aimed to injure other members of the congressional delegation. Police said they saw a violent break-in, and that it was likely politically motivated.

The attack sparked a firestorm of conspiracy theories. Some claimed that it was a QAnon-Pizzagate plot. Others alleged that DePape was a gay lover of Speaker Pelosi.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s office filed criminal charges against DePape, and he pleaded not guilty. He was ordered to remain in custody. However, prosecutors say that DePape may face additional state and federal charges.

DePape’s online activity is illuminating the depth of the far-right conspiracy theories that have gained popularity in recent years. His screeds include posts relating to QAnon, Pizzagate, Gamergate, the 2020 voter fraud story, and conspiracy theories about Big Tech, pedophilia cabals, misogyny, and the Holocaust.

DePape’s posts, videos, and social media account reveal a disturbing sexual and racist ideology. A Daily Beast investigation found hate vitriol against Jews and women, as well as a wide array of conspiracy theories.

DePape, like many of his fellow online QAnon supporters, believes that Donald Trump and his allies are engaged in a war against satanic elites. They also believe that a massive number of ‘Deep State Agents’ will be round up.

In addition to his postings on Facebook and his now-suspended WordPress blog, DePape also posted videos on YouTube. These videos criticized Democrats and President Obama, but they also promoted far-right conspiracy theories.

When DePape was arrested, he said that he was on a “suicide mission,” and that he had been planning to harm and/or kidnap Speaker Pelosi. But, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has not explained why DePape acted on his own, or why he was not accompanied by another individual.

While prosecutors haven’t revealed exactly how the two men knew each other, they have said that DePape and Paul didn’t meet before the incident.

Other targets besides Nancy Pelosi

DePape has other targets, according to authorities. They include actor Tom Hanks, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the son of Joe Biden. According to court documents, the suspect woke up Mr. Pelosi at two in the morning and carried a hammer.

Paul Pelosi had been in Washington, D.C., when the attack occurred. He called police. After the incident, DePape allegedly told them that he was on a suicide mission. The officer tackled him.

DePape also allegedly told the police that he had a “hit list” of potential targets. Although the names were not released, sources said the man was planning more attacks.

According to the investigation, the suspect grew up in British Columbia, but moved to California for a relationship. He lived in a garage for two years. In recent months, he has been fascinated by conspiracy theories.

DePape reportedly told the police that he was targeting the family of a public official, but authorities have not publicly named him. If he is found guilty, he could face a life sentence.

According to a federal complaint, the suspect wanted to use Nancy Pelosi as a lure to another person. He alleged that the Democratic Party had submitted fake evidence of spying.

Pelosi was struck in her head and suffered blunt force trauma. She was treated at a hospital. It was a less than minute video of the attack. When police arrived, they yelled at DePape to drop the hammer.

DePape pleaded not guilty to all charges. However, he faces a variety of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment of an elder, and assault on an officer.

David DePape’s defense attorney, Adam Lipson, argued that the assault was not premeditated and that the attack was not attempted murder. But, a judge disagreed. During a preliminary hearing, DePape’s attorney never disputed that the attacker was the man who beat Paul Pelosi.

The judge ruled there was enough evidence to support all six charges against the man. He ordered the suspect to stand trial. His family has urged him to remain cooperative.



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