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Kirkland & Ellis Attorneys for Applebee’s IP LLC

Applebee’s is an American restaurant chain that specializes in casual dining with mainstream American dishes. Their menu includes salads, chicken, pasta, burgers and their signature dish riblets.

Vampire Family Brands LLC is suing Applebee’s for allegedly infringing its ‘Vampire’ trademarks for wine, cocktails and other food and beverage items. The company is seeking triple damages.

Legal Advice

In the field of intellectual property law, Kirkland & Ellis lawyers Dale Cendali and Diana Torres represent high-profile clients in litigations across industries. They also provide counseling to companies and individuals. In addition, Allison Buchner and Claudia Ray serve as counsel to clients in consumer product, fitness service, media, aviation and financial services litigations. Finally, Shanti Sadtler Conway handles litigations on behalf of low-income individuals and non-profits. She is a member of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group in New York.

Patent Applications

Applebees ip llc offers a portfolio of pending and active patent applications for various aspects of restaurant carryout services. It has also filed trademark applications for the phrase “CARSIDE TO GO,” used to indicate that food can be delivered by delivery services.

Fleet Connect Solutions LLC, a Texas-based entity formed by the principals of monetization firm Empire IP LLC, has asserted several patents against fleet operators Dayton Freight Lines (4:20-cv-00280), Gentrifi (2:20-cv-00370), Goldberg Asset Management (d/b/a Efficient Fleets) (6:20-cv-01095), Melton Truck Lines (6:20-cv-01096), and Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits (6:20-cv-01097), formally across multiple campaigns but each over their alleged use of Omnitracs vehicle fleet tracking systems.

The ‘810 and ‘616 patents relate to wireless signal tracking, and the ‘388 patent concerns managing packets in wireless communications. The ‘810 and ‘616 were originally developed by Magis Networks, which collapsed in 2003, and passed through Sanyo Semiconductor (now ON Semi) before passing to IV in August 2008. Ortiz and Barbosa assigned their patents to Field Data Management Solutions, LLC, a New Mexico-based company they cocreated in July 2005, before assigning them to an IV affiliate in September 2010. In addition, the ‘949 patent is generally related to wirelessly monitoring the completion of tasks by a worker using a mobile device.

Trademark Searches

Located in Lenexa, Illinois, applebees ip llc has a well-deserved reputation as the go to destination for lunch and dinner. The company is a family friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly establishment that serves more than a million guests per day. Besides the best burgers in town, applebees ip ilc also has an impressive roster of award winning entrées and desserts. As you can imagine, this burgeoning restaurant chain is a gold mine for patent and trademark filings. Fortunately, the company has a stellar legal team, and the best part is that they have a budget -friendly rate cap.



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