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Make These Mistakes on Buying Walk in Tubs

Before purchasing a walk-in tub, make sure to consider safety features first. Some of the industry’s standards for safety include grab bars, an anti-slip floor, and a 9-inch step. Other desirable safety features include an ADA-compliant seat and outward swinging doors. Make a list of the safety features you want before shopping around.

Common features of a walk-in tub

Walk-in tubs are a great way to improve your bathing experience. They are much easier to enter and exit than standard bathtubs, and some models even have built-in seats and wheelchair access. They also provide the added safety of having a handrail at the edge of the tub.

Walk-in tubs are often made of durable acrylic, which will last much longer than fiberglass tubs. You can also find walk-in tubs that have whirlpool jets and colored lights for added safety. However, keep in mind that you may have to relocate the plumbing pipes in order to install a walk-in tub, which may require a dedicated 20-amp electrical service.

The cost of a walk-in tub is not cheap, so you may want to consider financing. Many walk-in tubs aren’t covered by Medicare or health insurance, so you will need to find out how much you can afford before you purchase one. Fortunately, some states offer financial assistance programs to help you purchase your new tub. You can also look into financing options at retailers.

Some walk-in tubs have thermostatic control valves to regulate the temperature inside the tub. This means that you can adjust the temperature inside the tub to make it more comfortable for you. Some models may also come with dual drains. A dual drain can make your tub fill up quicker, while a single drain will make the tub drain more slowly.

Some walk-in tubs have wide doors to make it easier to enter and exit. However, some of these models do not accommodate a wheelchair. If you are not sure about which one will be best for you, ask the seller about its handicap accessibility. There are many advantages to a walk-in tub.

Hydro Dimensions is one manufacturer that makes walk-in tubs that include a lot of high-tech features. Some models even have bubble jets and warm air massage systems. If you are shopping for a walk-in tub, make sure it offers all the necessary safety features. A high-quality tub will not only provide a great bathing experience but it will also keep your family member safe from harm.


When buying a walk-in tub, it is important to consider the ADA standards. This federal law requires walk-in tubs to have features that make them accessible to all people. These include handrails and grab bars. Grab bars must be installed in specific positions and support a certain amount of weight. Many walk-in tubs also have ridges along the edge for added safety.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a walk-in tub is the height. A standard walk-in tub has a seat that is about 17 inches high. This height may not be comfortable for some elderly people. To overcome this issue, some tub distributors sell walk-in tubs with seats that are two inches higher.

Another thing to consider when buying a walk-in tub is the width. Most standard walk-in tubs have a door that is 17 or 18 inches wide. If you need more space, you can buy a walk-in tub with a 30-inch door. Likewise, wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs have doors that are 32 inches wide.

When buying a walk-in tub, consider the height and width of the seat. While most walk-in tubs are 30-32 inches wide, some are 40 inches tall and have a seat that is twenty-three inches high. You should choose one with a seat that is appropriate for you and your family members. A standard walk-in tub with a standard seat will accommodate most people, but will not fit taller or shorter seniors or those who weigh more than 300 pounds.


When buying a walk-in bathtub, weight is an important consideration. Many of them are designed to accommodate people who weigh over 300 pounds. The average time to fill and drain a walk-in tub is about six to eight minutes, depending on the model. Some high-end models have features that can make the process quicker. You may also want to choose a model with heated seats or dual drains.

If you are a senior or have limited mobility, a walk-in tub will make bathing easier and safer for you. Unlike a standard step-over tub, walk-in tubs are more durable and are built to withstand the weight of an elderly or disabled user. However, they do require more maintenance than standard bathtubs.

Another consideration is the space in the room where you plan to install a walk-in tub. You should measure the bathroom to determine the appropriate size. If you are installing a walk-in tub in your home, you should consider the existing plumbing and electrical systems. This can be a complex process, and it may require the services of several contractors.

A walk-in bathtub should be lightweight but sturdy, and be able to support between 300 and 500 pounds. However, remember that the material of the tub will have an impact on its weight, so you should take this into account before purchasing. For example, a clawfoot bathtub can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds. Mistakes on Buying Walk in

When buying a walk-in bathtub, it’s also important to consider the amount of water you use. Walk-in tubs often require more water than standard bathtubs, so it is essential to select the right size for your space. If the tub is too wide, you will need to drain it more often and it may overload your hot water tank.

Some walk-in tubs have unconventional shapes or sizes, making them impossible to install in an existing bathroom. In this case, it’s a good idea to hire a contractor with experience in bathroom remodeling. A tub manufacturer’s specialists can assist with simple installations, but you may also need a carpenter or electrician to do a full bathroom remodel.


A walk in tub’s warranty covers its parts for a limited time. However, this is not valid if you have altered the tub or improperly installed it. This can lead to a malfunction of the system. Also, the warranty does not cover failures caused by misuse or negligence. If you’re not sure about the warranty of a walk in tub, you should check with the manufacturer.

Before buying a walk-in tub, make sure it is compatible with the hot water supply of your home. Unless you plan to use the tub for soaking, you may have to install a separate hot water supply. To ensure that the tub is installed properly, you may want to call a remodeling contractor in your local area.

The warranty on walk-in tubs can last for as long as 20 years. Some manufacturers offer lifetime coverage for the parts and fixtures. Others cover the labor and parts for as long as the tub is in the original owner’s home. However, keep in mind that a warranty on a walk-in tub is only valid for the original purchaser.

The warranty on a walk-in tub should cover the product’s parts, labor, and installation. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for their products, so you should make sure you read the fine print before buying a walk-in tub. You should also be aware of any limitations or exclusions that may apply. A warranty on a walk-in tub may be void if it’s installed incorrectly, or if it was not installed by a professional.

Some walk-in tubs have features that make them more appealing to homeowners. For example, some have heated backrests and custom trim colors. Other models come with marbled wall finishes. Some are even self-cleaning, which makes cleaning easier. If you’re looking for an affordable walk-in tub, you can check out Morgan Exteriors, a company that specializes in bathroom remodeling. In addition to offering affordable walk-in tubs, they offer financing options and a limited lifetime warranty.

Bath Planet is another manufacturer that provides walk-in tubs in North Carolina. This company offers consultations and will help you decide what type of tub is best suited for your needs. They’re based in Clemmons, but they serve the entire state, including Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and beyond.



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