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Markiyan Markevych – Principal and President of Crossways MK Consulting

Markiyan is the principal and President of Crossways MK Consulting, a full service investment business consulting firm that has focused on Eastern Europe since 2014. He has been responsible for mergers and acquisitions as well as direct investment in Ukraine for over $400M USD in transaction value. He has extensive experience in political network building and understanding of the nuances and mentality in the region.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common form of corporate development, which can include acquiring other companies for financial or strategic reasons. Private equity firms, for example, often use M&A as a way to acquire a smaller company’s assets at a discount in order to boost their returns.

Deals can be made at various levels of complexity, ranging from a simple transaction involving a buyer and seller to the consummation of a multi-jurisdictional public merger. The process requires a wide variety of parties, including financial advisers, lawyers in different countries and states, antitrust specialists, environmental and regulatory attorneys, securities lawyers, human resources (HR) and payroll experts, proxy solicitors and escrow agents.

M&A is often financed through the purchase of the target’s shares, which can be a dilutive or accretive strategy depending on the share price and the perceived value of the transaction. Alternatively, the acquirer may finance the M&A through debt or other forms of financing.

Direct Investment

Direct Investment is an activity that involves acquiring a significant or lasting interest in another economy. The term is often used synonymously with foreign direct investment (FDI).

FDI can be achieved in several ways, including greenfield investing, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Generally, the type of foreign direct investment a firm chooses depends on its business model and its competitive advantages in the foreign market.

A greenfield investment refers to a new business that is established by a direct investor in a foreign country. This can be done by constructing a factory, distribution center, or retail outlet.

Investing in a firm abroad can be a strategic business decision that maximizes profit. The decision is made by comparing the cost of production and trade costs with the cost of producing in the host country.

Corporate Development

Markiyan markevych is a Principal and President of Crossways MK Consulting, a full service investment consulting company that focuses on Eastern Europe. Since 2014, he has been responsible for M&A along with direct investment in Ukraine for more than $400M in transaction value through various sectors.

markiyan is a seasoned and award winning veteran of the world of public companies, where he has held senior level executive roles in the banking, insurance and energy sectors. He has a strong technical background, and is highly analytical and strategic in his approach to business. Aside from his impressive resume, he is known for his keen eye for business and his knack for finding the best possible fit. This has led to some of the most significant corporate transactions in the industry. The most important of these was the purchase of a majority stake in a publicly listed Ukrainian oil refinery. With a combined capital commitment of over US$1 billion, this was a game changer for the storied refinery and the broader energy sector.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, strategic planning is a valuable tool that can help your company grow and stay on track. Strategic planning gives you time to think about the future of your business and how you can address any new opportunities or challenges that may arise over the next few years.

Strategy involves setting strategic goals, determining actions to achieve those goals and identifying resources needed to execute the plans. It also identifies areas of excellence and improvement that can be used to position your business for success in the long term.

Strategic planning should be a continuous process that incorporates periodic evaluation and revision to accommodate changes in the environment or your own internal needs. This evaluation and revision is essential to ensuring that the strategies you develop are truly successful.



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