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Review of the Reincarnated Escort Warrior Light Novel

Reincarnated Escort Warrior‘ is a light novel that is quite popular among readers. The storyline is quite intriguing and the characters are also quite interesting. This is because it has a lot of different aspects to it, including the setting and the trivia.


Xehanort’s storyline is set in the world of Fantasy Games. He is a reincarnated escort warrior who wakes up in the fantasy game world of Luvierte. He is hired by a human elf soldier to aid him in rescuing elf children who have been captured by the elves. He is known for his incredibly skilled martial arts and battle techniques. His armor is silver in color and has a few silver and gold highlights. He wears a hooded cloak to conceal his identity as an elf.

When he first encounters Ariane, he is confused by her presence and her appearance. He is unsure of her feelings towards him. However, he eventually accepts her as a friend and accepts her as his comrade in arms. He feels like he is in some kind of competition with Ariane, and he is jealous of her. His feelings may be heightened by his physical intolerance towards alcohol, which makes him drunk after two glasses of strong liquor. He also has a tendency to forget that he is a skeleton.

Another person who assists Arc in the fantasy game world is Mia. She is a Jinshin Clan member. Her mission is to locate and rescue captured elves. The elves call her Ponta, which is a cotton-tailed fox with a white underbelly. She is also referred to as a “spirit creature” by the elves.

Eevin is Ariane’s older sister. She is an extremely skilled warrior. She adores her younger sister and acts girlish around her. However, she distrusts humans because of the crimes they commit against her people. Eevin wears a long hooded cloak when she travels to disguise her identity as an elf. She also feels inferior to Eevin. She aspires to become like her sister and emulate her skills. Eevin also wears a long hooded coat while traveling. It is a symbol of her elf heritage, and it conceals her identity.

Ariane’s father is Dillan Tahg Lalatoya, a twenty to thirty-year-old elven man. He is the elder of Lalatoya and is a envoy to various human kingdoms. She is described as tall and pale. She has pink hair tied back in braids.



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