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[Seven Fun Facts About Washington State]

There’s a lot to cover about the evergreen state!  The 42nd state is home to three major parks, over 25 active tribes, and so much more.  Washington State is a sparkling melting pot full of wonder and important historical moments and ghost towns.  

Are you ready to fall in love with Washington?

1. The Parks

Washington State is home to several large state parks.  The most famous of them all is Mount Rainier yet so are the rainforests of the Olympic National Park.  Needless to stay, the evergreen state is called that because of how many forests carpet the state. 

Hiking trails are everywhere: it doesn’t matter where you are even if you are in the middle of the city!  There are smaller parks all over, dog parks, exercise parks, state parks, city parks … the sheer number is overwhelming but it does lead to a very environmentally aware community.

2. The Water

While there are several distinct biomes in Washington, one of the large attractions is the water.  The state works hard to maintain beaches and ensure that the wildlife in the area is respected and protected.  

Hobbies for this state often include boating, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and more!  If you want to try any of the above activities, there are always rental shops along the coast and plenty of fishing guides.

3. The Wildlife

Since everywhere is forest or some sort of protected land, the wildlife in the area are everywhere.  E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  Most communities in the area always have some sort of initiative to deter raccoons, possums, deer, big cats, and more from getting into the neighborhoods.

Living so close to the forest means getting to experience the wildlife as well.  Plenty of woodland critters are familiar with people and will often come up to you.  Is this necessarily the best thing for the animals? No.  At the same time, where else are you going to experience this submersion into nature?

4. The Lifestyle

In Washington, there is a distinct relationship with the land around each city.  Because of this, the streets often stay clean, many plants are responsibly planted to avoid invasive species, and more.  To those who haven’t lived in areas that respect nature, it can be a bit of a culture shock.

Additionally, Washington state is one of the growing number that have legalized marijuana.  This element has both added to and taken away from their economy which could not handle the sudden boom.  

5. The Ferry System

From personal experience, this system is better than any bus system in the south. Trips are planned perfectly, there are always local ferrys if the the Washington Ferry System is having a problem, and they have snacks for longer trips!

It is mind boggling if you aren’t used to water based travel, water taxis, or ferries.  Everyone gets into a line, all the cars and people pack onto the ferry, you go from point A to point B, the front doors drop and off everyone goes!  Longer trips have added amenities too.  

6. The First Starbucks

Everyone should go to the Pike Place Market at least once in their lives.  This place is a sensual experience full of spinning colors and tantalizing scents.  On top of that, the first Starbucks was founded in 1971 at Pikes Place and still stands there.

The building has been moved from it’s previous location but it still remains near Pikes Place.  If you plan to visit the location, make sure you are ready to get through the crowds.  You have to be dedicated to coffee and coffee history if you want to get in there!

7. The Glaciers

Believe it or not, but Washington is home to the second most number of glaciers with the first being Alaska.  It’s important to distinguish the differences between the glaciers that we think of on the polar caps versus the glaciers found in Washington.

Inland glaciers are just as dangerous as their aquatic counterparts: they can slip and slide around at a moments notice, permanently recarving Washington’s topography.  Many climbers still take them on as a challenge.


The hardest part about this list is that these facts barely scratch the surface of just how amazing Washington is.  Yes, every state is going to have issues and Washington has a fair share.  This doesn’t detract from how beautiful this state.

Unique blends of humanity and nature are constantly around you.  Even the food that you have access to is more fresh thanks to the lush farmland all over the state.  If you are looking to travel somewhere with a lot to do, then take a look at Washington state as soon as you can: you won’t regret your choice!



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