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The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk

Among the many adversities that the evil girl Karuna has suffered, her biggest and most dangerous one is that she has shrunk in size. This makes it difficult for her to escape the wrath of her brother, Sai. However, this does not mean that her life will not change for the better. With the help of a few friends, she will be able to defeat the Sai and reclaim her life.


Among the mangas that have gained popularity in recent years, The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk is one of the most popular. This manga is written by MangaMirror, and is translated into several languages. It’s free to read online, and other chapters are being translated into English. It’s also possible to purchase a hard copy of the manga.

The story starts out when Karuna, a forest person, falls in love with the Duke. Karuna is a very hard worker, and her duke recognizes that there is a huge age gap between them. She thought that her contract would end with her engagement to the Crown Prince. But when she goes to a ball, she is attacked. She is then given two antidotes by a random enemy. The second antidote, a blue potion, will make the duke forget the mate she’s been carrying. The third, a red potion, will make the duke forget Karuna at all. But Karuna can’t get the antidote she needs from the duke, and needs a mate to survive.

The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk manga has a total of 54 chapters translated so far. The rest of the chapters are being translated into English, and new chapters are being translated in the future. If you’re interested in reading the manga, visit Sawamics or check out the manga page on MangaMirror.


Having a good backstory for your character will make the character more real to the reader and will also improve your writing quality. The character’s backstory should be written in such a way that it motivates the character positively. Ideally, it should also reflect the character’s experiences.

A good backstory will also give you an idea of how a character reacts to their experiences. Whether a character is a villain or a hero, their experiences will affect how they respond to situations. You want to know what made a character choose a specific action or reaction. This will also help you to decide how to write the character. For example, if a character is a hero in the story, you should make sure that the character has a positive backstory. On the other hand, if a character is a villain, you may need to make the character have a more negative backstory.

Creating a backstory is a process that can take some time. However, the effort you put into creating a good backstory for your character will be well worth it in the end.



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